Measuring the rate of reaction from a graph

As the picture shows the end result is like a huge right angled-triangle with the trend line running roughly through theupper-middle. To calculate the rate of reaction simply follow these steps:
  1. Plot your graph using your findings as normal, making sure your axis' are labelled and that you have a key.
  2. With a ruler and pencil, follow the trend line at the begining and then just keep on drawing the straight line until you reach the top/side of the page (As picture shows).
  3. From where the straight line ends draw another straight line but vertically until you reach the bottom axis.
  4. From here you simply count how many along and how many up the triangle is. eg. If your axis is from 1sec to 100sec and the triangle goes from 5secs to 85secs then this measurement would be 80.
  5. Do this along the horizontal and vertical axis.
  6. Finally divinde the Vertical measurement by the horizontal measurement eg.70/13 =5.4(add on the units)

Graph to show how to measure rates of reaction